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How does it work?

A customer finds your store nearby his location
He orders your products on the app
He pays with 3 easy clicks
He picks up order in your store or ask for delivery

Why use Shopipop?

  Consumers are now familiar with E-commerce..

  They are looking for the same experience from their local businesses.

  Shopipop offers user experience that is similar to the one they use every day.

  You can create and manage an unlimited number of stores on Shopipop

  Each store can offer an unlimited number of products with your own categories

  You receive the funds automatically and quickly, directly into your bank account

Shopipop only charges you 5% commission per order

We pay you in three working days.

Directly in your bank account.

It's easy to use and quick to set up

If you already have a website : We can import your products from your current site. With no additional charge.

If you don't have a website : you can use our intuitive products import tools

A complete, efficient and flexible personalized service

Shopipop adapts to your reality :

Take Out service : Easily manage orders from customers who do not want to pay delivery charges.

Free delivery service : If you don't want to run your own delivery service, we'll take care of everything for you. No additional cost.

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